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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 8, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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vies this weekend, probab % goto be a big t. y the popcorn, extra butter that just . theryo go.n himself. big numbrs,erybo tuned in. u dobbs. lo good evening, evybod republics to it up the polls, the gopith an hric midtm election victory taking control of t senate, pxpanding marity in th house and winningore governorships, winning g contl ofost oth state legislatuss byn even widermarn. for a time tod, there were so many repubcans at 600 pennsylvanianu that t looked like republica haa also won the white house. present obamaerely hosting 14 congressional leaders tryg to set a ton for what many expect to be a contentious legislative process an noone, democrat orepublican, tie to put a brit,appy face on
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itt all, a u see there. this is at people lookike when they don't like soone o len tha electinn d have consnces and tt ty'll b w together f nt two years. but the psident said the right tngs a hostor the da speaking of cooperation and common gr. >>a i saidhe othnight, obvisl replicans had a good night, and i congratated both mch mcconnell as well as speaker boehne for runng a very strong campaign. lso said the day ater the election, what've seen now for a number of cyes is thamerican peop just want to see workoneere in washington. u: oddly, no such conclio or expression in the exi pos. president ubledownn taki action on immration legislion, or, i if you will, ecutive action, in the form of execute ord that ul legaze miions of illegal
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immigrants. at's something that republican leaders have warned and continue o warn will poison the well. >> nne ranorffice this year,ampaningo say the president ought to do more specally on imgration. >> it'sik waving aared flag in front of a bull. >> when yoay withmatches, you tak the risk of burning yourlf. lou: also tonight, t the white out bbots on the grod in iraq is puttin more boo on the ground in raq. president obama today approved a defense departmentequests it is styled, to sendup to 00 more troops toiraq. roughly 1400 troops there now, who areraining a advisin iraqi curity forces. it also comes at a significant $5.6 billion. andussians tonight, rampin
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the war o cyberamerica. new reports that hackers belilieved to be spported by er penetrat the software that runs much of this country's infrastructure. an aressive ve ts a risk por plan, water treatment plants natural g pipelis, poteial causg economic catastrophe. and n jus russian ession against the united states, tensionlaring between ra and ukraine, ukrain saying they sent truck loloads to the eastern par t supppro-russian separatis. th alleged bord incursion comes after separatistction last nd. e westas condemnee as illegitimate. and joining us fox news middle easanterrorism man ockton harris, a t autrro cf1 o ofhe bok, the lost sprg.
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retired lieutenant conel robertcgs. theredent said vlaimi putin and prrsident obama may me duringhe international suitnext week though talks han'beennhedule do youxpect tt tooccu dr. ferris? >> first of all, it important before the latestements by the russian leaddrship. europdave done something we shod have been ft o faster at incorporat ine, shouldave monstrated more balancof wer. the balticstates. the borders with nat when youou deploy theforces, you crea a bce of popower, every international race will tell youhen the message is sent. th you c sit with president putin and talk with a different manner. lo but now, wl there be talk do you expect and to whatnd? . >> think talksill happen becae thebama adnistration haso othe alative at this point in time. ifou ask what is it you're
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ing to do if tan a crossing the bordersith ere is n strategicesponse becauswe're not milized th lou: a coloncgi your thoughts? >> putin is playing with netsk, and like georgian battion of tankatli et a of howiers, it's going to ntinue through the winter. all the cards are on hisside he is concerredbout rue, he's concernedbo t sations,ut as long as he didn't take vrr signifint offee action inside ukrae in the near future, he'll accomplishhat he wants, a that's to keep the aa from the baltics all theay down t the stans, froz ando kee
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the eu out. u: natond t re out, the united states is out. no military force in whicho t tt united states, nor that of nat conel. we're also watching beraacks. we lrn malware has been discover ithe cors, the s servershat govern everythiig fm nucleer power plants aoss nearly every asctf o infrastre. the penton saidha t willome a point at which a berattacll be regd as attk on the soveignty o thisatioion. leed, are wethere? look,yberspace is just a virtual expreson of realy, meing need to make o intentions kwn. erneed tbe a spehh either be presidet, the seetarof dense that thi is a penetration of our national security. d there ould sctions oo measur.
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what is happening rhtnow, the other side is making all the steps and nothingn sponse. lou: cocolol, thatpeech h been given. the pengon,hehite house served ticeand y again a red line and there is no sponse from is whitese. >> this is da vu cold war ain,n, lou, the reaaity i we stood up a cybercommd. the rsians using ggressivelagainst our asts like the chinese. thiss waas fars i'm concerned. the reality is tha if these malware, the tron horse were executed on command which are beddn infrastructur coullead ton economic castrophe in this countryy o o we know that that's w the cybercomnd is workinovertime trying prevent that, trying t iscove it like the homeland security siatio this is going to bome far more complex in the near futu. just because othe aggressiveness oour o opponents
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like the chinese a the russians. to the middle east, more bos the ground in iraq, as the pridt promised thereould t be we n find he has pend a secr letteto t ayatollah khomei. your reaction to all of this, and wt prospecects a wha process ii itt all leading to? look, l, thi is catastrophic in re. let me bn with the lett t ayat khameeei since ne o09, weave only been, the admintrion we letdown,,let go ofhe % opprsion of th iranian demonsators in june of 2009. we havowed i to como theescue ossad to destabilize hrain and they are arming and supporti t rebe i yemen.
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what d we get in tn? did ey stop the process of building thear strategi weapon? no. it's not working. why doe he theanuclear agement at this time. lou:colonel,yo get the last word? >> the fhtg that's goingn in iq quiteranklyas been led by general soleimani,he coutorce out of iran. the component we're going to rely upon to take backorthern ir, they're the peoplehat fl beforeisil. isil is being victious, nott only in syria but iraq, and more amecan boot on the ound meaeans more americans comi home in bodybags. lou: colol, thak you very muchdoctor, t thank you, we appreciate it, gelemen. the state of texas officiallyla free this eveng. it has been 21 d since anyone contracted ebola or in contact with anyo sffering from ebola.
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texassalth officials monitored 177eople over the past three week folk who had contact with patientzero thomasricuncan and nurses nina phaand amber vinson. new york city moniring almost 40peop but no new cases reported. the centerssfor disea control announced it stopi most $3 milli worth o prottive med gear, that would go to aidn e eaament of as many pbola patients in the country e gearould be dloyed to any hospal should they require . > up xt, republican leaders lebring eir mid el victory, wh visit to theithouse. at's them therein-- see how much fun the're having? they turn the 2014 wave into aore perment stay at 1600 pennlvania we'll be talking with former
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arkansas governorik huckabee stay wh usf?f?555555055555555181
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. lou: baking ne tonight, the obama administon announcing monts ago that th president wi nomite new york's t federal prosecut, loretta lync to replace outgog attorney gener eri holder president obama wi mak the announcement at e white hou before he lvvs for trip to . > republin ed gillespie conced the virgienate % race to democratic incbent mark warner. >> we began tsace 29 points doand we wereutspent by more than two to on and in the en shift of 9,00otes could have changed the ome of this election.
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lou: absolutely incredible numbers and incredible outcome. gillespie sportersxpressing regret that the national prty did n ge gillespie more joining from arnsas, mike huckabee host ofuckabee on t fox news chael. mike warner comme gilspie on his campaign stating congngresss ahole in th gridlock and get to rk. that sound a lotike what the esident id. but iookedt the exit polls, didnee t in th. >> i didn't really see the ole in the gridlock geto work. it was a repudiaon of th president's polies which he himsf said that'shat the election was t. i di't see him s tt in the postmortem pres coerence. this afterno, ish had meat in the meat locker,'ve never seen anything in wagt that chilly.
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the folks? those peleookke they'r -- n't know what they lo like. poticians l of which all ofe them are that, to fake it, don't you? >> at least show a little b of acting chops, but instd, theyade a baptist wake loo like a garny. was unbelievable. i'veer seen such sadness and gloom, it wasbsolutel awkward. must hav beennfu to be n throom. lou: judging b those faces, yoare exactig. i don'quitunderstand the point he etin basicathe president said 're going to mpromise, an i'llefine comprom a you agree with me and do what i tell you or i'll write an execuuive order up. >> the pblem is this kin of meeting is six years too te. this ishat e president shld havbben doinn eve
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week f six yes. you have a divid government, i had one, i detand this. you ve build relatiships, which means befo you talk about legiation and plan you've got touild relationships and bud a little bit o trust and respect, and that shld hav been happeng in weekly etings with leadershi eery week for six years. thway, ieeen demonizing you guys six years and goi to sit wno the e with you, t as you said, lou, sitting down to the tabl with the ating, true bt icking, the whole point of tte idenis now come o and see it my way. ttat's bipartisanship, by gosh. leadership. it is prettyar that as spea boehner p it, he's going to tch himself withn executive der onamnest for illegal immigrts. >> for a guyt doesn't believe guns, he ws to hold to headssof congress.
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's not going to work. they come inith theind at their backnd the president brin nothing tthe tab rit now. he really got embarrassey e elections. i don't think he knows that, yet, but evybody else kns lou: theasngton po" rting on illegal immigration, reporting tha the obama administration is pin polics, imagine this, playing potics with liti with public inrmation. the border prol' annl taken dowfter being up only e five hours. that report was glimpsed, and ows that a majority of illega immigrants, 252,65 of the total were otot fm mexico. that's an incredible number. >> stunning to mt people. it's also interesting to ne that in placesere itas id that repubcans were gog to get their heads hed to them because theyere ha on immigrati, look what
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happ in texas. no one with a stronger immiation message, i n't mean let th, in butles contl our border than dan trick, the lutenant gornor. hehe got almos 6 of hispani votes in texas. that's bettethan georgeush in governor's race at the peak hispans. lou: you don't suppose's hispananicmericans are americans, do you? not onlyre they americans, theygofearing, olfashiod, hard work first, family first kin o people. long time.beenayingfor a not ooly hipanics,ut african-americans caa be reblicans ifepublins wen't so dumb in ignoring them. speak theruth to them. lou: ed glesp credits tha outrch thisnarrow narrow i hate to say, he came so ccose -- loss, but the
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republican partyybroadenening is oueach as well. governor, great to have you re. >> great to here lou: governor mike huckabee. tcuckabee saturday a suay nigs at 8:00 p.m by goll time for a look the onlin poll result we aed if youelieve pridenobama will alt his attitude, demeanor red -- rhoric tdeal with a reblican controlled senate. 90% of you sd no! every bit as reliable many of the polls hat proct a tight, tight nationwide election result. our queson tonight, are you pleased the demeanor nd rhetor of publican week historic midterm his electi victory? you vote at up next, republican prty aders shoulde shting llelujah from theooftops
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ast-tooast after tuesday night'resoundin historic election victory, but no, they're ing carel, consained, wel beha how bong! myomment on the appropriate meare of political glee a national rejoing. next. promise s made.
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a promise at hit the beaches normandy. a covena that splithe skies over bern. a vow that capred iwo jima.
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a promise was made. solemn oath that liberated seoul. a sacred trust that defended kh. a pact thadug inn da nang. a contract that athered tet. a omise was made. a pledge that stmed e desert in iraq. bond that patrolled dodoor-to-doorn fallujah. promise was made. to aca's veterans. a prome we all must ke. fighor all veterans and eir milies so they get t health care, nancial benefits and suppo they eard. if youu'e a veteran who need help, or you'd like to help us ep t promise, vit
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. lou: aew thoughts what has been agreat week f the reblican par, and dare i yt, a great week for t nation,,tentially. reblicans have every reason to celebrate achievi htoric gains inhe senatend the house, and winningontrol of the sena expandi the majoriti in e hoe, vernorships d stat leslltures. yet congress' rulingpty has been relucnt to celebrate their wi. spkejohn boehner warning his party this , quot,n a ti for celebration but time for goment to start getng he's rht abouthe lastrt, t ope that i c differ part.the speaker on the first e speaker caught my attentio by focusing onur middle class and those who asire t it, and talking about good aying, sere jobs. let's celebrate mr. speaker, yore gng to work h
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anay, you knoo at. les have a little f here. prumive sena majority leader mit mccouns actually commentssrulingut another government shutdown or the possibily of daulting on our bt. go for you majorityeader to speaker boehner talking about the middle class emphasizg thatorkmen and women and all bunessmen and small businesswoman arat the top of e new congress' priity list and now the senate republicans also should celeate a gerational shift in the senate. the arage age of newly elected senators now 50 yea old. th's 12 years youngerhan thh curnt group of senators. e not the only shi republichave reason to be ppy abt. the pay's big tt only growing larger after electin numerous women and noriti. i know, believe me, ikkw, thathe rublicans aven't
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done the hd th yet, but have done one vy rtant thing, ty've added a song voice and one hopes a warm light to brighten our national politi, and this nats pital. no one said we haveo be as dower as our preside or impressed as he is b a nation that is e envy of the worl a nati still becoming. it's notperfect, but it' damn od. pele who aren't araid to workard oraugh hard at emselves as they dotheir policians. we cld lighnup just a bit o cfo as woko ligen the ld of those working f work. great thingsren'' don from peopleho shrink from challenge and adversity and whe lladerwhask th not to smile or ugh. we've had enough of such leadership how abt a day for national bipartisan hleluja! and a nation stilleing told
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byurresident we a people who aren't exptional. heoos admit we're l indispensible, that ours i a nation has beenlawednd a times ful. when he sa that ourreat entrepreneurs and binesses large and small, our markets and fancis are te people and never built anythi, i hope we've had enough of that. i hope boehner and mcconne anthe w congress andene rk hard and brighteen amecan spirits. our fnders b ts great constitutional rebl, and the genius and t energy of the amican people hav constrted, built, if you will, the world's strongest economy, an economy that's the male of free entprise capitalism. mae jt a thank you,lord. passhe gd cheer along. would that do? cod dothat? and repblicans shouldbe cited out a stronger
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majority in the house. 3 republicans at least wil now have a perl partner in e s. senate to roll back chf the ineffective nsse of the pastix years. there'sver been reason celebrate. i think it's right now, and celebratiowith hpy hearts won't t by a single iota. e awesome responsibility o e republicannpar now to riiht the course othis gre haelah, thk yoboar we're cominggright back. psident obama doess't think much of tuesy's eleconresults. sohat does i mean to the re of the countr re of the countr we ta it up wi@? somee in yr town.
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at your school. is suffering from crohn's disease or ulcerative colis. livi wh crohn's orolitis means maging excruating pain,
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evydan bemotionally and physically exhausting.andat fact, more than 1illion amicans are struggling th tse chronic disses. this year alone ,000ore will be diagnosed. s are someone you ow has crohn's or colis someone like me. >> i'm a brenneman, and i support the crohn's and colis foundation of america. ...millionofs cope and to find cures. we all just nt to back onur feeand back to our ves. you can help by volueering, doting, or joining us atn t. help someone you know geback on their feet and back to o thr ves. visit tod to learn more. the supreme court today annoced it willnce again wade into the fight over obamare. pustices say they will decide whether obamacare authorizes subsidies toelp million f
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lo and middlincomeeople afrd obacare heah insurance premiums. and the pos closed on tuesda but t sate races rma de onn alaska. public dan sullivan is leading democraticncumbent mark begich by 81 vot but there are still tstanding more than 40 -- excuse me, 20,000 absenteeallots that need to be u. there won be a decision until someti next week. d louisna is pparing for deceer 6 runoff election between incumben democrac senato mary landrieu and republican opponent bil cassie. the senate campaign ccmmittee has cancele $2 million ind buys for senator landrieu. joining us tonight the a-team, former whihite house political director, republican stratest, fox news polit analyst ed rollin and forme
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advisetooputtgeorge w. bush % slie sanchez and go t see you, leie. have the democra cutheir sses a simply admitted defeat in louisiana, leslie? >> i think wle the president may not want have wnted to read the t leavehe demoatic senatorial committee has. senator landrieu escaped political death twice, once in 06. with theepublican we she's losing the chairmanship ofhe energy committee gng bac there'not a lot there. and it is loong very positive when you combbne the tea prty supporters and coalesce you the rebliccn voters,hey' very formidable. u: ed gillespie in vginia conceding that senate race, most won thathing. he was withiia whiske and
4:34 am
yet the republican party didt suppt himinancially to the extent. >> that was erribl missed opporty.% 's aremendous candide. he's a gat frien of many of us. no one woull blie he's not a able candida was a viablecandide. he was badly outsnt. worked his tail off. he baaelyst a few precincts in the north part of the state. that was a rac we couldave won easily. lou: a these polls, want to ask you both about thiss across the cntry that led u to believe this was goingo be a tgter than tick election for the stpart, and it was a blowouof historic proportion are you spris by the >> not at all, i think weaw this happeni in 20, andt really needs to be a wake-up caal for ourur industry. i've bn in the politiccl market research siss for a long time and w're relyg on
4:35 am
we were not very clear on measing exactly what the seetimenis, anddyou're sseing it, ed gilles closed a 2 point gap, and people couldn't see what was happening ithe ground game and understanding wh w happening with vots. we have imove our understanding of microtgeng d understanding time as gets closer to election day ore'll continue toee the decits. and suort the right candidates, stly. hen u're in camp, you hire professionals. you pay attention, you follow just that poll of the pollste and do it repeatedly. oftenttm theed does not do theameepensive polling. 's who gng to tur out e te. thexii poll shoed a parody beeen the t parties. both h 0% vote and the 28% are inpendenn. and oncy break to your sidefinding t who wins.
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dealing with 3 38, 3f the electote is a much more difficult task and m sense is it car. coon numbee pls aadet a lou: i'm thinking you oug to helphem out and do e lks, institutnal aining. on thetheride of this, and i've got tosay, leslie, yr down on your industry b the truth is t party, reie priebus, igt to hdt to him, i was nnt very -- t's put it tsway, skeic abou prouncements ofhe repuicnground game. i hea the samehing in 2012, and is time it matealized, they turned ou tir fol and that made allhe dierence, ght? >> it aolutely did. and there's aisnc dierence betweenen get out the vote and canvassi. you ssw some ofhe data that the rnc w coming out wi in 2012, 90% itas analogha writing a only
4:37 am
5% as thi te ou. the's big improvemen in osingha thnology gap out in the fiel wchielded trendous results,nd then there's the diinn of poing like the horse race of measurg who is gngourn out nwherwe thinkhat's gointo be. we have to getetter at that so we can support,ble o cf1 o candides le ed gillesp as they ce closer to ection day. theuntold story, chairman priebus is a first rate operativ he came ut o wisconsin, party chairman there. he underst the roots. their best operatis and ood e totoe. ere was nohtoric, it was about getting people to the polls, identifyivoters, gettiig th to the polls and did atseffectivy as decrrts have ne. lou: lame-duck session before we see t new wld that th republicans created on tuesday. how contentious is it going t
4:38 am
, lessie? we're ally out of i wantget your voic on record h it's gog to go >> it's already layiut to be incdibly contentio seesconversatio, i -pdot think it's going to b pery effective, andt's gog to continue to g up the base onot sis. >> mht as well go home. saw tha toy. president doest recognize anything. what i would do if i was the general, they passed h twice overnd the's nothing i her background. le gohrough. we gave you attorney genel now. you' not goingive us anything, let's go homeeand wait until next januy. lou: all right, with a hopeful conclusion, ed rollins. leslie nchez, thank you, good see you bh. have a gat weekend. we want you to bep o the conversation, follow me on itter. i' got morehan 92,000 s, tryinto ph that to 100,000.
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up next, marts ar clod as the maetho signs of improvement. is this economy starng to get and get rea trrar? we take up next. we take up next. stay with us. li anveryday miracle surval today the future of allife on eah hangs in the balance what happens next t depes on us well you done done me and you bet i t ♪ i tried to be chillut u're so t that ited ♪ i fell right throug the crks ♪ now i trying to getack ♪ before the ol donrun out i'll be giving it my beste ♪ and notngoing to stop me but divine inrventi ♪ i reckon it again my turn ♪ to win so or learn some but i won't h hesate noore, no more ♪ it cannot wai i'm yours
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. lou: on wl stet, stocks closed up record high ill a new all-tim g the nasd los 6 point, volume onhe b board tricklingown to 3.4 billionsh r the we the dowp 1%, the p, nasdaq poing fctional gains. morganut 300 more jobs bringing the total number of cu announced to 27,000. takata reportedly covered up the dangers of air bags a dede ago and destroyed evidence of test sults. more than 14 million vehics recalled as a resu. > here wit outlook fr th markets is economy skybridg
4:43 am
pital founder foo business coritor anthony scaramucci. grt to have y. >> gre to behere. lou:hat a week ts has been. how much of thhs is due to e outce of the elections? >> some of that was pric i at t beginni othe ek. you' got a little better employme data. the ignals fm mario aghi. that thh trifeafhe we, tte factors a blding in nice fodation ith end of the year. the market up 132%, that's very dramatic moveff of the bottome saw threeeeks ag lou: threeole weeks o. >> the participio was up slightly. forth, but the nuer tt janet yellen is focused on 11.5down from 11.8. lou:hat tralates to 18 million folksho are unemployed, underemployed or
4:44 am
giving up. serious,erio problem, national crisis, the here.loyme situatie have i'm not trng to make light of it. the fed, with rates wre they are, draghiting rateshere they are. st ight we had dinne with ben bernanke and he gave a prentation. monetary policy r the nk of japan, ecb andhe fe our opinion, lowerlonger, that was th sentiment andhe theme, that offers nicel for stocks, u. lo y yellen in paris said she think it's about time to t real. she is intesting as f chairman. >> it's a tightrope. i don't know the guyith the cae chanlalki with a blindfold betwee ildi that what janet yell is doing withhe rk. lou: i t think a lt of peoe are walking warned blindndfolds in the rt. it's hd to discern whic way they'reheaded. we're ing tourn t and you ask where the market is headed, d should inveors be on alerr foa downddaft or poised for opportunity
4:45 am
iithink we'v had our ne-term correcon, the maet is goio head higher end of theyr. and i price mket this timeext year will higger. number of facts, the $2 trillion of cash on the&p 500 bae sheet. if we getny te of pegislation passed from the republicans any, type of neficial regulatoryruic, any longererm guidance from stks.s goi to wl for tion, exutes willake that cash, ving i back int companies. it will lead to a higher return on eqty, wch wl be ber for the stock rket. lou: ahonys talking about the repatriation of $2 trilon. >> about 2.3 w. lotof money. lou: we went thrgh this i 20. the prinpal beneciaaies who befittedmost, cut 20,0 jobs. >> i think ii' aittle different toy becaus we've had x years of corrations
4:46 am
paring back, getting densive, beg frful of the affordable care act o obamacare, and i think th they're right at the ectionoint now where that momoney wi g put to use to incrementaemplyees.%that's our for discretionary spending d overall owth of the enomy 're pretty good place, no at the placeewhere y or i uld like us to be we are gett betand haveo ac that. lou: the repulicans, how surprised were to you ar jo boehner talaboot the ddle class, talngut working small busissme and women. >> he owned a pub, i've always been impressedith john in termof his persolity and how he this authe middle class people. my fling is - lou: i've always fel that frankly he was folwi the chamber of comrce business roundtable. having t john a few times, ani'm a big supporter, i'll disclose that to everody.
4:47 am
they heethe combination of him and kevin mccarthy a pl ry,hey are goi to put stufup tt e president is ing he a hard tim not signing and creang theight momentum. reincece priebus said w have t be perfect in the 2016 presidtial ection. you n th we've got a toug time in new york and lifornia. lou:nd long time to tough it out. >> think we're going to get there. timistic, maybe t much so. i like where we are right now. lou: anthony, thank f b here. >> thank you. pou: iitiidation, harassment all markrkrkrkrk
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. u: award winning
4:51 am
investigative reporter sharyl issohas aascinang new book o about aemptat silencg her by the liberal mainstreamdi the lengths that the white house has bee willing to go to keep her her book ialle stonewalled, thks for being with us, coratulations. >> thank you for havin me. u: what a subtle. incredib! u ft-out belve tt t is a enemiesist he by this adnistraon. >> i wouldd't callt that p se but wouldn't qle with you if thas what you wan to call it. clearly numr of jrnists as well as leakers who speak urnalists have b singled t and identified bthe administraon for varus things, incling in my cas nstaalling cbsews working with bloge and social meto discredit and controversialize trying to stop
4:52 am
storieand spin themma seel them. lo it's ear that tte administration went t extraordinary lengs to sp leaks, sveilling repoer and doing s fushlgs, uuder false colo, goi to judges, in the instancesith th justice dertmenttaed, and surveillinn jourlis. i'veever hrd ofuch a thing. not sincehe nixon % administraon. >> it's taken a little b of . nowou he a connsus among journalists incling ose at ew york times," "washington st,"today, washington corrpoent, washington photographers have all objected in writing and verbally in differenfashions to the actices of this administration in partic, of all thence i've covere i' had issues in trying to get inffrmation out ofthem, try to pry itrom tir grip. this stood out for exceptional behavior. lou: andany of those joursts actually expressin the view that this is the most
4:53 am
dangerous administration for osof u who worknde thee first endment this coy,,fighng agnst the blic right to know at almost every turn, includi against the csional onsibility foroversit in inveiginscandal after andal. it's stunnihe lackf bl outrage wt has transpired >> i would argue we have rsels to blame, meaning the media. weehave allowed w ial in the bookoj tbe pulled from us, given itp without sou as a whimper. we recognize this is hhppeng, and i think a lot of thi i very hd to westle back once ge uphe right to have thpress t getnformion to cocertain things. lou: you have been hack do you have strong sense as to who it is who's hackedr mpurs. i heources that he given me a name that i w use becae a hman soururce. the forensics we've done, three separate ones, confirm remote
4:54 am
access, sophisticated techniques, going, g-term surveillan oevery me on th computer. making usese ofkype to activate auo, folwing every keystroke, accessing passwor. veryextensive, incding cbs homeomputer and apple er used by m famiiy mbers, andwo ofhe anyses foundorensic evid of govenmnt-type software involvement. lou: and the reactin of your employer, that time, cbs news, how did ty spond? what did thedo? >> hey red a forencs team to confirm because myiist source could not go public. when thehired their expprt, he too conrmed the rot ions, and i wld say about that, there just t me waa lack of outge the expected. i really tught they would be more uset t theystemsad beenceed, that my stems at home had been accessed.
4:55 am
i tught thereewould be better followp to protect sources, other rrespoents to se what hadpped. hey did a any of that, i was not pry to it. felt w little biteft alone which is why hired m own team to contntinue this investigation. lou: it ilr from your bookk if you do n bieve that c new had fire in their corpate news bellies i you will, for the story, a drive to get to thetruth. how did you deal withat? >> it was very tough. d some ty did. they assigned me to the benghazi ory. assignedto healthcare.go itws very difficult to d into story, receive lot o praisend just when you felt ke youere mki inroads inno the secretive informaon and getting someere, setime the lighswitch would be ttrned off. i'm never privy into why exactly at happens. ddenly t aetite is less, youre treated as a
4:56 am
troublaker forontinuing to follow the sry. ry discouraging. phisappened to.nly reporter escial whehave you sources lling to p themlves o o limb only have toel thembody s abouyour stoyafter al lou:all care a gre dl abt your story. a critalmpor story. the book is "stonewalled." on sale now online, book sres everywhere. ecomme i to youhighly. being here.isson, thank you f >> tha much fo having me. lou: all test. time for a few of your commen. roger tweeted about present obama's lossthe mterms tuesday night. he snt the firs six years beiig cool, wond how it fes to b coal. and fnk in new jeey maileded fact, therisne voicebama did not hear, t is the voe of reas. e-mail us at lou at
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udbb.c. go to our facook page, also that's it f us tonight. st tuned for "vuto" up next. thanks for being with us,ave thanks for being with us,ave a great ekend, and good ght ♪imagine no possessions ♪wonderf you can neefor greed or hunger♪ ♪a brotherhood of man ♪imagine all the people ♪aring all the world ♪you ♪you may say y i'm a dreamer ♪but i'm not e only one
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